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African beats meet Indian tablas and groove with South American congas!

The three percussionist of the World Drum Trio combine the music and culture of Africa, Asia and South America to a new exciting sound.
It is a journey to the world of poly cultural music
Every drum keeps its original characteristic sound, but melts with the others to a modern percussion sound.
Sometimes it reminds of the sound of „Cafe del Mar” the drummers use their instruments in the sensitive way
With tight grooves and hot solos the music develops full percussion power, which infects the audience.
Earthy sound of the West African Djembé meet the filigree rhythms of Indian tablas and mix it with groovy congas from South America.... all compositions of the program are developed by the World Drum Trio, such as „International Rhumba“ or „Grandmaster“ – a Hip Hop Groove.
Meanwhile – after the first CD „Journey with friends“- some new instruments are used in the program, i.e. Cajon, Urdu or Talking Drum. A new CD will follow.
The three musicians Swapan Bhattacharya (Tabla), Oliver Sägebrecht (Djembé) und Yogi Jockusch (Conga) are professional percussionists, which brought their fun and love for drumming to form this trio.
Billepalast Musicproduktion released the CD “Journey with friends”

Oliver Sägebrecht Tel. 040/ 270 88 67